TROP furniture market

When it comes to  environmental standards and social responsibility, TROP-furniture market is definitely a flagship company. Now, TROP is possibly record-breaking across the borders also in the field of photovoltaic. 


After redesigning the façade and installing photovoltaic modules, TROP furniture market has become the biggest „sun catcher“ of the trade sector – the produced electric power covers about  10 % of its own electricity demand. By way of comparison, this amount of energy would be enough to cover the annual electricity consumption of approximately 15 households.


TROP’s Philosophy: „acting instead of talking“



The investment in the photovoltaic façade, is a clear commitment to the environment and proves that in terms of environmental awareness, TROP furniture house can be ranked among the leading companies of our country: Thanks to the installation of the photovoltaic system, the company's CO2 emissions can be reduced almost to zero – for the good of the environment and the sake of future generations! 


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