Schiestlhaus, Hochschwab

In 2001, we started the development of the energy supply system for the new Schiestlhaus at the Hochschwab together with a planning group. As the new hut was constructed as a passive house, nearly the whole heat requirement can be covered by internal heat sources or solar radiation (photovoltaics).

However, the usual ventilation system in passive houses increases the demand for electric power. Therefore it was necessary to use an efficient and high performance power supply system that achieves best results despite difficult high-alpine conditions.

Modular system and photovoltaics:

3 bidirectional battery inverters, which are interconnected to a 3-phase system (3x400V), are the core of the modular system and take over the entire energy and load management of the island system. They either form an independent main grid or  synchronise themselves to the cogeneration system (CGH). The converted solar power feeds the island grid with the help of 4 net inverters. As a special characteristic, semi-transparent modules were used in the façade.

Plant oil – Combined Heat and Power (=CHP)

A CHP, which is operated by pure plant oil, supports the photovoltaic system. As the Schiestlhaus is located in the middle of the spring protection area of the Vienna Mountain Spring Pipeline and the hut has to be supplied by helicopters, there is no risk of environmental damage.



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