ENERGYbase Vienna – future office building

On 6 June 2007, the foundation stone for one of the most innovative buildings in Austria was laid. This path-breaking project was realised under the aegis of the Wiener Wirtschaftsförderungsfond (business development found , WWFF) in the 21st district of Vienna. One of the most important project features is that the whole architecture (pos-architecture) of the building is oriented towards the optimal use of existing energies. The appearance of the façade was optimised by a special "folding", so that both thermal collectors and photovoltaic elements have optimal angles of inclination. Thus, we succeeded in finding a harmonious solution for combining architecture and technical function.

The photovoltaic system consists of 6 module rows, which are spread over the façade. Overall, the PV system has a nominal power of 47.5 kWp. The innovative aspect of the PV system is that two-thirds of the system'modules have a very flexible module wiring. This part of the system is used for inverter tests under real conditions. In the upper third of the PV system a module test field was implemented. For these module fields, three different cell technologies were used to enable measurements under real conditions: mono- and polycrystalline cells as well as polycrystalline cells with backside contacts. The complete system is controlled and measured by a monitoring system.

The ENERGYbase project shows impressively that there is a huge potential for renewable energies especially in the area of building integrated photovoltaics. As a perfect combination of architectonic layout and optimal function was achieved, this project is a further milestone in the sucess story of this young technology. Besides that, it proves ATB-Becker's high competence in the area of building integration.



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