Elementary school, Mils - photovoltaic for the youngest

Childfriendly presentation of the photovoltaic system

Photovoltaics is a method of generating electricity by converting solar radiation - without any noise, smell or maintenance. In order to make this process "perceptible" and to raise (not only) pupils' awareness, we installed a special child-friendly display panel in the entrance area that shows the amount of produced electricity.

Considering photovoltaics already in the school building's planning phase

We fixed the sub-construction for the photovoltaic system by using gravel for ballasting. All other structures like exhaust pipes and the like were placed perfectly.Thus, we achieved optimal conditions for our PV system (no shadowing at all) and kept the costs to a minimum. 

Surplus feed

The produced electricity is primarly consumed by the school. The surplus is then sold as green power and fed into the public electricity network.


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ATB-Becker was founded in 1982 by Eng.Gernot Becker. At that time, our main business area was the planning and construction of transmitting and receiving...
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