Schiestlhaus, the first autarkic "passive" mountain hut, equipped with an ATB-Becker photovoltaic system.
By investing in a photovoltaic system, TROP furniture market shows that a regional location does not necessarily go hand in hand with regional thinking.
Innovative project in the 21st district of Vienna, ensuring optimal use of existing energy sources. The photovoltaic system is harmoniously integrated into the architecture of the building.
The photovoltaic system on the roof of the elementary school in Mils is not only a solar power plant. It explains - especially to the children - in a very easy and simple way what "renewable energy" is.
In 2006, our ccoperation with MPREIS Warenvertriebs GmbH started. Until now 25 photovoltaic systems have been built with a total capacity of more than 2MWp.

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ATB-Becker was founded in 1982 by Eng.Gernot Becker. At that time, our main business area was the planning and construction of transmitting and receiving...
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